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Risk Monitoring Tools

Our Risk Monitoring Tools utilize streaming stock market data so you always have a instant view of accounts posing individual or firm Risk instantly.  In addition to being able to Monitor any facet of Risk around orders, positions, buying power or cash levels; the system will allow you to set firm level Risk Limits along with Groups of accounts Risk Limits.  The tools allow you to take action for single or multiple accounts quickly and efficiently to reduce any Risk to your firm.  Please call us to setup a WebEx demo of the tools.

  • Real Time Monitor accounts P&L and Buying Power
  • Risk Limits profiles
  • Execute orders in client accounts
  • Intraday Cash Adjustments
  • Commission, Orders, Positions editing
  • Positions monitoring
  • RIA Allocation tools and Allocation viewing — % of portfolio  calculations before allocation, Allocation by number of shares or dollar amount, and Portfolios Allocations that includes basket trading (see video).
  • Prop account orders, Inventory accounts