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API — Application Programming Interfaces

JunoTrade has an equities and options stock market API which supports order entry and quote APIs from either a web based interface (https) or from .NET Streaming API.  .NET Stock Trading API available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.  The APIs have the following features:

We have two different stock trading API(s):

  • Web based https request/response API(quotes and orders are both request/response)
  • .NET streaming API (quotes and orders are both streaming)  Two Sample Projects can be provided Upon Request (order and account APIin 1 project, quote/historical data API in other project).
  • API has been tested with thousands of orders/sec to allow both the individual trader and the hedge fund black box to utilize the APIs.
  • The order entry API supports most equity order routes and types and advanced option strategies with real exchange based multi-leg orders.
  • The quote API is also .NET and supports all data available on the JunoTrade Pro platform including equity and options data.
  • Historical data is also available through our API including 3 years of 1-minute data, and 50 years of Daily data. We also have well over 1000 days of tick (trades) data that is available on request.
  • We provide an optional hosting feature in our SAS 70 Accredited Data Center with either a Shared Server or Dedicated Server option.
  • Please call 1-800-284-8114 or email us for more information.